Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an age requirement to register with LEHWEGO and SLEEK?

ANS: You must be at least 18 years old, on or before April 3, 2016, to purchase a costume in the band. Photo ID will be required during costume collection.  LEHWEGO and SLEEK reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under 18, and will refund any reveler who is identified to be underage during distribution. Please contact Bacchanal Jamaica directly for their rules regarding revelers 18 and under.

2. What is the down payment for the costume and when is it due?

ANS: 50% at time of registration | 25% by February 28th | Balance by March 26th

3. Is the down payment refundable?


4. What is the procedure for making a payment?

ANS: Payments will be made through www.MyCarnivalBands.com. A link to the website can be found in the Registration section of our site

5. When is the balance due, and how will payment(s) be made?

ANS: 50% at time of registration | 25% by February 28th | Balance by March 26th
NOTE: a 7% fee is charged on the total cost of the costume.

6. What happens if I miss a payment?

ANS: We understand that life gets hectic!  LEHWEGO and SLEEK will send e-mail reminders prior to each of the payment deadlines to try to avoid missed payments. If payment is not made within 5 days of the deadline, your costume will be sold to a reveler on our waiting list. We will not issue a refund if this happens.

7. Can I pay with an international credit card?

ANS: Yes! Registration and payments will be done via MYCARNIVALBANDS

8. What should I do if my card declines during registration?

ANS: The most common reason for this is that your bank or credit card company have flagged Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover the transaction as possible fraud for one of many reasons including: unusually high dollar amount, multiple attempts, or unfamiliar merchant, to list a few. To avoid this, we recommend that you contact your bank/credit card company prior to registration to alert them of the upcoming transaction. Transactions will show on your statement as MyCarnival Bands Ltd. The merchant may also decline the transaction for several reasons: incorrect CVV, billing address, or card number. If your card is declined during registration please double check the information you have provided. If it is all accurate, contact your bank. If they confirm that they have approved the transaction and the card is being declined by the merchant, please contact LEHWEGO and SLEEK at ReachUs@LEHWEGOandSLEEK.com detailing the issue, and we will schedule a time to troubleshoot.

9. Can I pay the balance during costume distribution?

ANS: We know that many of our revelers take time away from work to collect costumes.  To ensure that distribution is as quick and efficient as possible, payments will not be  accepted during this time.  Please refer to the payment schedule above.

10. When and where will costume distribution take place?

ANS: Costume distribution will take place during the week before carnival at a private location in Kingston, Jamaica. The schedule and address will be communicated by LEHWEGO and SLEEK via email.

11. Will I have access to Bacchanal Jamaica’s drink trucks on the road?

ANS: Yes!  LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers will have access to all amenities provided by Bacchanal Jamaica – including portaloos located at the back of the parade. All sections within the Bacchanal Jamaica band will congregate in the same location for lunch, but we will have a special area secured for LEHWEGO and SLEEK masqueraders only. Wristbands will be required.

12. Will I be able to play mas with friends in other sections?

ANS: While we encourage revelers to stay with the LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers to offer you the best possible service on the road, and for Bacchanal’s judging points, we understand that you and your friends may have purchased different costumes. We welcome everyone to come play mas with us however, only LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers will have access to the lunch area dedicated for our masqueraders. 

13. What is the route for the road march?

ANS: The road march begins and ends at Bacchanal Jamaica’s Mas Camp at the National Stadium. The start time, route and location of the lunch spot will be communicated by Bacchanal Jamaica, and details will be included in your costume packet.


14. What should I do if I purchase a costume and cannot play mas on April 3?

ANS: There are usually tons of revelers interested in purchasing costumes as we get closer to the road march date. We encourage you to use social media, and costume resale sites like www.finahban.com, to identify potential buyers. LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers are responsible for the entire resale process. Please remember to provide the buyer with a letter authorizing him/her to collect the costume, your confirmation email, and receipt showing that payment has been mad, in full, to LEHWEGO and SLEEK. LEHWEGO and SLEEK will not issue refunds.

15. What should I do if I register for the incorrect costume size?

ANS: Please be very careful during registration. Be sure to enter your sizes as accurately as

We understand that you may be on a quest to become your best self for carnival.  If your possible, review your MYCARNIVALBANDS account, and confirmation e-mail (does it include a summary of the order?)  to ensure that we have the correct information. If you identify an error, please contact us at ReachUS@LEHWEGOandSLEEK.com by February 1st, 2016.  We are not able to make changes after this time. sizes have changed drastically by the time you collect your costume, you are responsible for identifying another reveler to switch costumes with.  We encourage revelers to connect with each other through Facebook and Instagram. LEHWEGO and SLEEK will not have extra costumes in our inventory unless paid revelers do not collect their packets.  If this happens, we can assist with switching your sizes once distribution ends.

Please consult with at LEHWEGO and SLEEK representative, at the distribution center, to confirm when we will be releasing uncollected packets.

16. What should I do if I am not sure what size costume to order?

ANS: Please bear in mind that the prototypes were not made to fit LEHWEGO and SLEEK models and as such, some designs may appear smaller and skimpier than intended.  Bras and panties run true to size, but remember that the bra is demi-cup and the bikini is Brazilian cut. If you are unsure of any of your measurements, please visit your local gym, seamstress or department store for assistance.

17. Will I be able to try on my costume at the distribution center?

ANS: The distribution center will not have an accessible fitting room. We recommend bringing along a bra and/or bikini for comparison, if you are not able to judge the accuracy of the size with the naked eye.

18. What should I do if my costume needs alterations?

ANS: We pride ourselves on the quality of our costumes and want you to be happy with your

We also know that many of our revelers are traveling from out of town and may not purchase.  Please let us know if we have missed something during our quality control check and we will be more than happy to fix this.have a regular seamstress or tailor for the usual costume alterations. We will provide

19. What should I do if my costume or packet are missing pieces?

ANS: Each reveler must review the contents of their costume packet, with the distribution representative, before leaving the premises.  Ensure that you receive the correct packet, the sizes included match the sizes on your registration form, all accessories are included, and most importantly, wristbands for the road.  If you leave the premises and discover that something is missing, please contact us immediately so that we may locate the missing item and put it aside for you.

20. Where can I purchase stockings to wear with the costume?

ANS: www.carnivalstockings.com is a great option for purchasing carnival stockings. There are also many local vendors. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Instagram pages for recommendations leading up to carnival.

21. What additional benefits are associated with the frontline costumes?

ANS: We aim to provide all LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers with hassle free registration and costume distribution, fabulous costumes, discounts with our vendor partners, complimentary breakfast and photoshoot, a comfortable lunch spot, and amazing road experience. Frontline revelers will also be treated to several added perks including make-up touch ups in their private AC lunch area.

22. Is footwear included with my costume?

ANS: Footwear is not included with the costume and must be purchased separately. www.carnivalkicks.com, www.charlotterusse.com, www.amazon.com, www.gojane.com are all great online options which offer a variety of styles and colors, with particularly good prices at this time of year. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for recommendations on local vendors.

23. Will professional make-up services be offered?

ANS: Professional make-up artists will be available, to frontline revelers only, for touch ups during lunch. Professional make-up services are not provided free of cost prior to the  road march, however LEHWEGO and SLEEK will make recommendations as you prepare to hit the road. Stay tuned for info on make-up artists who we will be partnering with us to offer great rates to LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers.

24. What is included in the cost of the costume?

ANS: The body wear and accessories (tiaras, backpacks, collars, foot pieces, etc) vary for each costume option.  Please review carefully before purchasing.  The cost of your costume includes all beverages on the road (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), lunch, snacks, dinner, and access to the last lap fete at Mas Camp when the road march ends. LEHWEGO and SLEEK revelers will also have access to exclusive discounts from our partners. More info to come.

25. What should I carry on the day of the road march?

ANS: Do NOT carry large amounts of cash or other valuables with you. If you would like to carry cash for emergencies we recommend keeping it under $1,000. Ladies, your boots  or a small wristlet are the best place to store this!  If you must carry your cell phone along, be sure this in a waterproof case along with your car keys. Other things that will come in handy are a compact, lip-gloss, tissues, wet wipes and a few safety pins for unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

26. Tips for the road?


  • a. Get a good night’s rest.  You don’t want to be tired or hungover for the road march.
  • Have a hearty breakfast. Do not neglect the carbs. 
  • Lather on the sunscreen
  • Break in your sneakers or boots a few weeks prior to the road march.  Ladies, get a pair of Dr. Scholls gel insoles for your boots.
  • Don’t leave home without your wristbands.  
  • Stay hydrated.  Drink some water between each alcoholic beverage.  It’s a long day and the heat is unforgiving
  • Take lots of photos early in the day
  • Eat lunch! Be aware of your surroundings, particularly in the Halfway Tree area, and as the sun sets and the march approached Mountain View road to head to Mas Camp. Locate your group before it gets dark.
  • Keep your cell phone tucked away until you’re safely inside of Mas Camp.